Michael "Spineback" Johns
Johns-Pitch Black
Physical Description
Race Caucasian
Gender Gay
Hair color Honey Blond
Professional Status
Occupation Shotgun Surgeon
Base of Operations Abandon Home settlements(Houese that were forecloses and left to rot)
Bounty 66 Million total stolen
Personal Status
Status Alive

Michael "Spineback" Johns is a 43 year old militia worker out of Tehran, Iran from 2001 to 2013 who currently lives in El Soleado. He hates being called "Spineback" solely for the reason of adding nails to his shotgun rounds and even armor as well. Johns's goals are to shove his shotgun up people's asses and pull the trigger. That and make himself rich enough to spend this Plus 50.


Long sleeve shirt with body armor, black pants, radio, a ammo vest of slugs, buckshot and a few grenades.


Although he is easily annoyed and bothered by most, Johns's really attracted to gay men. He has spent several occasions dating them and having sex. When he is not around other gay men, he tends to just shoot or loot for the purpose of nothing. 

People killed by JohnsEdit

  1. 220,000 civlians(looting, ransacking, gunpoint, no-mercy killings)
  2. Suspected for bombing a police station after raiding it with a Drilling Machine
  3. Claimed to have/have been raped by multiple unknown women
  4. Wanted for arson of a baskeball court, inn, waffle house, as well as a pre-school

Weapons, Vehicles, etcEdit


Homeland 37

His Homeland 37.

  1. Pistol


  1. Small Convertable Muscle Car
  2. Deflotable Rib Boat

    His RIB Boat.