James Lancaster
Alias Jimmy


Physical Description
Race White
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue
Height 6'
Weight 180lbs
Age 22
Professional Status
Previous Occupation Illegal Racer
Occupation Criminal
Base of Operations Apartment
Personal Status
Status Alive
 James Lancaster is a criminal who is formerly from Britain. He was an illegal racer in Britain. He been in the U.S. long enough now to have lost his accent.  

Appearance Edit

James is a fairly tall, fairskinned young man. He has long-ish messy brown hair, and blue eyes. He wears glasses. He has no set outfit, and wears several different things. He pretty much always wears jeans though. James looks fairly slim, but is actually very toned.

Personality Edit

Jimmy is normally very blunt and prettu rude towards people he knows well. He doesn't hold anything back and will say whatever he wants. He still cares about his friends though, and would rather not have to betray them (although he isn't entirely opposed to it.) When talking to people he doesn't know his personality is pretty much the opposite though, and he acts very polite and nice so that he can get what he wants.

Characters MurderedEdit

Dirty Cop

Weapons & Vehicles Edit

Weapons List:Edit

.45 Pistol x2 (one taken from the Dirty Cop he killed)


Tazer (Also taken from cop)

Carbine Rifle

Grenade Launcher 

Vehicles List:Edit



Acting: Jimmy is a very skilled actor and is able to trick most people into thinking he has a much different personality than he really does. He is also quite skilled at lying.

Driving: Jimmy is an incredibly skilled driver. He is a former racer, and hasn't ever lost a race.

Shooting: Jimmy isn't an expert shot, but is still well above average.

Intelligence: Jimmy is a very smart person, and is skilled at planning and figuring stuff out.

Knifefighting: Jimmy is good at knifefighting.

Fighting: Jimmy doesn't have any real training in anything, but he has a natural talent for it.

Police RecordsEdit

None as he only recently moved to the United States.