Heists are elaborate, there are countless around the streets of Soleado each requiring careful preparation and execution. If you successfully complete these jobs, you can earn millions of dollars easily. Each player is presented with options on how to approach the proposed mission. For example, you could enter a building stealthily from the roof, or bust through the front door. The complex missions require the help of specialists. These are wheelmen, hired guns, or hackers. You have cheap and expensive options. The drawback to hiring an expert is they demand a bigger cut of the take. Once you have some clear objectives and hire the specialists you require, you must perform a series of sub-missions. These include: stealing the vehicles being used for the job, finding a place to stash the getaway vehicle, and buying some suits and masks to wear during the heist. 

Heist GiversEdit

Nathaniel Hicks - Nathan is also very well informed about world politics and the insider details and machinations of corporate action. Using this knowledge, he has been involved with stock fraud and corporate assassination for a large chunk of his career.

Billy J. Jacobs - He was arrested twice since he's moved to El Soleado, for Armed Robery, and for possessing marijuana, hacking supply, and weapons in his home.

Potential HeistsEdit

MLS Great - The largest casino El Soleado, usually hosting boxing matches, concerts. It MUST be holding some big bucks in its vaults! But taking on this heist will obviously be difficult, considering it never closes!!

Bank of El Soleado - A huge bank, the vault is literally oozing with bills! It wont be so easy, cameras, guards, and its right across the street from a police station! I mean its suicide!

Levado State Correction Facility - Maybe someone will pay you to break their friend out of prison?? :P

Money Truck - Money Trucks are trucks full of thousands of dollars, they usually pass by the strip. You can hijack one of these, or just blow the back off! 


Setting up the crew is a very fun part of heist planning, each member will get a certain ammount of money in their cut. Setting up the crew, everyone must be given a role! 


  1. Gunman
  2. Hacker
  3. Getaway
  4. Lookout
  5. Explosives Expert