Aye, Gangsta, Mobsta, or Hard Working asshole of El Soleado. Follow these guidlelines on how to make your page!

Get Heard!Edit

Ay', boi, you best get yo ass out there and let the fools know who you is! Describe yo personality, give it 2 - 4 sentences at best tho, homie!


Make a list of yo cars, motorcycles, bikes, and shit... Also give another list showing yo weapons.. Guns, Explosives, and shit.. Got it?

Look at that fine ass girl! Mmm! Edit

Describe how you look, on the streets, at home, at work, I don't give a fuuuuuuuck!

Yo Rep!Edit

Show who you kill't, what you done, and where you been! List who yo done merced too!

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