Derick "King" James
Derick James
Alias King
Physical Description
Race African-American
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Height 6'4
Weight 167 Lbs
Age 23
Professional Status
Occupation Unemployed
Base of Operations Mansion
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
Bounty 443 Million total stole.
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Deceased Mother

Deceased Father

Derick "King" James is a 23 year old "gangster" from Los Oceania who moved to El Soleado with his mom in 1999. When his mom passed away, he moved into a small apartment and currently resides alone. King has always wished to be rich, and live in the big times. He has achieved that goal, and now owns and resides in a mansion. 


Street AppearanceEdit

King is seen wearing a Black Tank-Top, or any color tank top most of the time. He wears jeans, sweats, basketball shorts, or cargo shorts. King usually wears his brand new Jordan 6's.


King is a really laid back man, he usually is caught in action of crimes along with many of his homies. King has yet to be sent to prison however. King as many does swear with an abundance of them. 

Characters Murdered by Derick JamesEdit

  1. Over 300 Unknown People. 
  2. Derick James Sr - Via strangling.
  3. El Soleado Governor
  4. Vice President of America

Weapons, and Vehicle of ChoiceEdit


  • 50. Pistol
  • Military Carbine
  • Assault Rifle 
  • Sawed off Shot-Gun
  • RPG

Vehicle of ChoiceEdit

  • Yunatti Beron
  • Poperghini