Agni Chanda (Sanskrit: अग्नि चण्डis an Indian gunman residing in El Soleado.

Agni Chanda
Alias Flaming Bullet
Physical Description
Race Indian
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Height 6'2
Weight 120 lbs.
Age 20
Professional Status
Previous Occupation Underground fighter
Occupation Illegal work
Base of Operations Home
Personal Status
Status Alive
Relative(s) Unknown


Agni is a young, slender, tall man of average height and weight. His features include tan, olive skin, black hair along with his usual attire which consists a navy suit jacket with matching pants and  a yellow shirt with a black tie. He has brown, almost reddish, eyes.  He also wears brown casual shoes. His hair is fuzzy and thick but keeps it groomed.


Agni, being quite young, is usually an eager and anxious young man. At times he can be very bold and hot headed and ironically, does not like to take leader ship positions. In battle, he can be very brave and fierce. He can also be very sarcastic and unenthusiastic at other times which can cause him trouble. Referring to his namesake,Agni which means fire and Chanda which means passionate, shows he has a burning spirit and never gives up.

Characters MurderedEdit

Agni planed on not actually taking a life, however this has become so in a ruthless mistake.

  1. Unknown Shopper - Via Shot to the arm, bled out.


  • Pistol - Agni has a simple pistol and is actually very good at shooting, hence his position as gunman.


  • Motorcycle - Agni owns a nice, sleak and fast motorcycle that he uses for most transportation.

Notable SkillsEdit

  • Marksman - Agni has very good accuracy and uses his marksman skills to his advantage.
  • Excelled Physical Combat - Agni does well in physical combat and can maintain his endurance and stamina as well as strength.


For the beginning of his life, Agni grew up in an orphanage in India and knew nothing about his parents or himself except his name. As he grew older he began to become more mischievous and tougher. Eventually he thought that he would become a someone that every knows. When he got old enough he transferred to America and settled at El Soleado where he got an apartment. He is now part of a known gang. He hopes to one day go back to his homeland, India and find his parents.